There are a few important things to consider when you are deciding on an umbrella that is right for you. Here are 6 top tips to help you choose the best umbrella for you!

1. UV Protection (UPF)


UV is the horror killer to damage our skin and health as everybody knew. Better to consider the UV protection level of the fabric when you choosing the umbrellas. There are 3 types of UV coating: Black UV Coating, Silver UV Coating and Transparent UV Coating. These coating gives you an indication of how much sun is being blocked by the umbrella. Here is the compares of protection level for your information:

Black coating (Up to 99.9%)

Silver coating (90-95%)

Transparent coating (>90%)

2. Automatic vs. Manual?


An automatic umbrella can be a great idea if you’re prone to catching your fingers in the mechanism. It offers a real advantage and can be handy when it springs into action at the touch of a button when a sudden rain shower. Really an easier, quicker way of putting your umbrella up and down.

But if you’re consider about the weight of umbrella especially women who carrying bag everyday for commuting, manual umbrella will be the better choice, because of the automatic umbrella needs more components to complete the auto open-close function.

How to use Auto Open-Close umbrella

Step 1: To open your umbrella, unfasten the strap and press the button. 

Step 2: To fold your umbrella just press on the button again it will close automatically.

Step 3: Re-open the auto umbrella by pushing simultaneously at both sides and repeat the Step 1 action.

3. Weight


The average folding umbrella weight around 300-400g; walking umbrellas on average weight in the region of 550-750g. As long as the lightweight umbrellas getting popular for most of travelers or commuters, BGG offers various of lightweight umbrellas below 150g (Ultra-light Series), the amazing lightest umbrella just 99g only (Air Series).  

The lightweight umbrella consists of various high-end materials:

  1. Ribs made by fiberglass (Ultra light), carbon fiber for Air-weight umbrella 
  2. 6 ribs, solid and flex frame design 
  3. High density & Super lightweight fabric

4. Large or tiny size?


The majority of umbrellas diameter measurement between 90cm to130cm.

If you want an umbrella to cover 2 or 3 people, strongly recommend to choose the umbrella over 27inch, even 30inch. (diameter 120~130cm)

For the normal using, only for one person 22-24inch is the best choice (diameter 95cm~110cm)

If you’re looking for the best travel-friendly option, the tiny size is the way to go. Easy to carry and pocket size, 19-21inch will be the most suitable size. (diameter 90~95cm)

5. How Strong is it? Windproof?


Windproof umbrella, it means the frame is designed to flex and in certain conditions, flip inside out to release pressure and able to return to its original shape without being damaged.  So the windproof frame made by various of flexible materials, such as carbon & fiberglass, to strengthen the windproof function and make it more durable. 

Another windproof design is on the canopy. The windproof canopy consists of two overlapping layers of fabric with a vent between them. The vent allows air to travel through the fabric to release pressure, to avoid the umbrella inside out. 

Shop for a great windproof umbrella will be a valued investment that can be company with you for long time.

6. Suit for raining or sunny day


Buying a sun umbrella that are water-resistant as well. You might as well have a multipurpose umbrella that can protect you from the sun and the rain rather than having to buy one for each type of weather. You never know when there might be a sudden downpour on an otherwise sunny day. 

All of BGG umbrellas are suit for raining or sunny day.